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Workshops & Performances

Selected list of recent and on-going  workshops and performative lectures

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Practice workshop
Movimentos Cognitivos: Dancing the Bakongo Cosmogram (Dikenga dia Kongo)


This workshop series, previously  known as ​Dançando com a linha da Kalunga (in Portuguese) is part of a wider research-creation project, also titled Cognitive Movements (Movimentos Cognitivos).

For more information about this on-going project here.

This workshop has been recently ministered at:

  • CosmoAngola, international gathering at Kilombo Tenondé, Bahia, Brazil (ongoing since 2021)

  • Performance and Somatics lab course, at UFBA, Brazil (2023).

  • ANDA, Brazil's national organization of dance scholars (2023).

  • Royal Conservatory of Schotland  in Glasgow (2022)

  • University of Roehampton in London (2021 and 2022)

  • Conference Pesquisa com Educação Somática no Brasil (2021).

  • The Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) 4th Biannual conference Fluid Black: Dance Back, Duke University, February 2020.

ufba _workshop.jpg
Intertícios ou o que precisa existir

Performance in November 2023 with the collective A-Feto, directed by Dr. Ciane Fernandes, at the Galeria Calizares, UFBA (Brazil)

photographs by Alessandro Malpasso 

Site-Specific Performance


Luvemba is part of a series of site-specific performances [and dance-for-the-camera films], connected to the Bantu-Kongo cosmorama and the Cognitive Movements research-creation project.

Premiered March 2022



Research-creation workshop combining principles of somatic practices and Capoeira Angola re-directed with people with disabilities and mobility constrains due to auto-immune conditions. Video on the right is a warm up connected to the on-line version of this workshop [during the Covid 19 pandemic]. 

Research-creation workshop 
Moviments of Sustentability
Performative Lecture
the Whiteness of Contemporary Dance

For this project I constructed three dioramas connected to systems of oppression, Patriarchy, Coloniality and Capitalism, which are manipulated in the course of the performative lecture.

It was first performed at the Theatre / Performance / Dance Studies is Too White. Roundtable organized by London Theatre Seminar at Birkbeck School of Arts (UK), May 2019.

Also performed at DSA conference in Chicago, IL October 2019.

Independent Dance's Crossing Borders series


with Cristina Fernandes Rosa and Suzi Weber - UK, 2019

Capoeira demonstration with CM Marcelo (FICA Tenondé)


XX Internacional Encounter of the International Foundation of Capoeira Angola - Valença, Bahia, Brazil, 2016

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