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"The expelled are uprooted people who attempt to uproot everything around themselves, to establish roots. They do it spontaneously, simply because they where expelled. It is an almost vegetable process. Perhaps one can observe it when one tries to transplant tree. It can happen that the expelled becomes conscious of the vegetable, almost vegetative aspect of his exile; that he discovers that the human being is not a tree; and that perhaps human dignity consists in not having roots – that a man first becomes a human being when he hacks off the vegetable roots that bind him."

-- Vilém Flusser, "Exile and Creativity"

2014 trailer

2013 dress rehearsal, Berlin, Germany


Year of completion: 2012/2013

Direction, design, performance: Laura Pacheco

Assistant Director: Giltanei Amorim

Choreographic collaboration: Minako Seki

Desig Sound: Zam Johnson

Contributing artists: Cristina Rosa, Laura Castro,

Carmen La Talegona, Paula Carneiro

Production Coordinator:

Laura Pacheco and Maiara Ribeiro

** Tour in Brazil: PROCULTURA Award for Encouraging Circus, Dance and Theatre FUNARTE.

> Month of March / 2013 in seven Brazilian cities: Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre and Recife.


  ** Berlin / Germany:

> 24, 25, 26, May / 2013 :: Hoftheater Kreuzberg. Naunynstraße 63, 10997 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

> June 27/2013: "Kongress: Keynote, Diskussion, Film, Performance" - Buenos / Berlin - Rote Salon, Volksbühne


** Madrid / Spain:

> May and June / 2012 :: Spain :: Festival SCRATXE UNDERGROUND BRAZIL :: in the cities of Victoria and Gastez Madrid - Contemporary Art Center Matadero


** Awarded the Artistic Residency Grant of 2011, Ministry of Culture of Bahia / Brazil, within the Project Transcultural Joints // ARTEA Madrid. >>>




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