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Lectures & Presentations 

  National (United States)
  • “Embodying the Polycentric and Polyrhythmic Body.” Paper to be presented at the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance’s second conference, Dancing the African Diaspora: Embodying the Afrofuture. Duke University February 2016.

  • “Regarding the New Wave of African American Choreographers in the US.” Public Lecture to be presented at Reed College. February 2016.

  • “Brazilian Bodies and Their Choreographies of Identification.” Book tour at selected Universities in the US. Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 semesters.

  • “Gestures, Mental Processes, and Codified Texts.” Paper presented at the “Writing dancing/Dancing Writing,” Society of Dance History Scholars and Congress on Research in Dance 2014 Joint Conference, Iowa City, November 2014.

  •  “The Gesture of Interweaving: Mapping the Landscape of Contemporary Dancing in Brazil.” Paper presented at CORD/SDHS joint conference Decentering Dance Studies: Moving In New Global Orders, Riverside, CA, November 2013.

  •  “Choreographing Ideas Otherwise: a Look at the Landscape of Contemporary Dance in Brazil.” Paper presented at DUC/CORD joint conference Tactile bodies: The Choreography of Non-Dancing Subjects, University of California, Los Angeles, April 2013.

  • “Shaking Things Up: Ginga, Coloniality, and the Geopolitics of Dancing Knowledge.” Paper presented at American Society for Theatre Research, Nashville, TN, November 2012.

  • “Ginga Aesthetic: a system of bodily organization and knowledge production.” Lecture presented at FSU, Tallahassee February 2012.

  •  “Pride-and-Shame: The Presence of Ginga within Choreographies of Identification in Brazil.” Paper presented at Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide: Settler Colonialism/Heteropatriarchy/White Supremacy, University of California, Riverside, March 2011.

  • “Jogo Bonito: A Study of Brazilian Soccer as a Modern Spectacle of the Races.” Paper presented at Thinking Gender Conference, University of California, Los Angeles, February 2010.

  •  “What Can this Baiana Do?: Black Identity in Samba Motion and the Back-and-Forth Friction of Dancing Bodies.” Paper presented at Actions of Transfer: Women’s Performance in the Americas Conference, University of California, Los Angeles, November 2009.

  • “Hip-Syncopation, Friction and Transculturation: a Cartography of the ‘Beautiful Game (Jogo Bonito) within Soccer Dancing Fields.” Paper presented at Dance History Scholars Conference, Standford University, San Francisco, California, June 2009.

  • “Bodily Syncopation: Choreographing Race, Gender, and Sexuality within Coloniality of Power.” Paper presented at Dance under Construction Graduate Conference X. University of California, Los Angeles, May 2009.

  • “Black Subjectivity and Back-and-Forth Friction of Female Dancing Bodies in Brazil.” Paper presented at the 33rd Comparative Drama Conference, Loyola University, Los Angeles, California, March 2009.

  •  “Embodying Femininity: Black Identity in Motion and the Back-&-Forth Friction of the Embodied Concept of Ginga in Samba.” Paper presented at 41st Congress on Research in Dance. Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia, November 2008.

  • “Between the Devil and the Deep (blue) Queen: Historicizing Brazilian Identity through the Queer Black Dancing Body of Madame Satã.” Paper presented at Society of Dance History Scholars 31st Annual Conference. Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, June 2008.

  • “Xire!: The Intertextual Presence of ‘Serious Play’ in the Brazilian Performative Practices of Carnaval, Candomblé and Capoeira.” Paper presented at First Conference on Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean. University of California, San Diego, May 2008.

  • “Rapaz, Não É Brincadeira, Não. Capoeira É Coisa Séria! : A Study on the Genealogy of ‘Serious Play’ (Eré) at Work in Capoeira.” Paper presented at the IX International Conference on Brazilian Studies. Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2008.

  • “Hip-Play: Negotiations of Place and Identity within the Practice of Capoeira Today.” Paper presented at Dancing under Construction Graduate Conference XIX. University of California, Davis, April 2007.

  • “Capoeira in The US Today: Anthropophagy and Other Eating Disorders.” Paper presented at Performing Brazil Conference. University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 2007.

  •  “The ‘Ginga’ of Machos, Machistas, and Malandros: Performing Masculinity within Capoeira.” Paper presented at Thinking Gender Conference, University of Califórnia, Los Angeles, March 2007.

  • “Global Feast and the Anthropophagic Power of Capoeira." Paper presented at American Folklore Society Annual Conference. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 2006.

  • “Anthropophagy, Consumerism and Other Eating Disorders in the Age of Globalization: Capoeira Case Study.” Paper presented at Western States Folklore Society Annual Meeting, UC Berkeley, April 2006.

  • “Capoeira, Transculturation and Anthropophagy.” Paper presented at Globalization as Culture Conference Department of Spanish and Portuguese. University of California, Los Angeles, March 2006.

  • “Centro-Oeste: Núcleo Brasília.” Lecture presented at Department of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison. January, 2006.

  • “Dança, Performance, e o Politicas Educacionais no Brasil.” Keynote speaker at the CONFAEB, the Annual Conference of the Federation of Art Educators of Brazil. Fortaleza, Brazil, November 2015.

  • “Considering the Sustainable Care of Self, Others, & Surroundings as Practiced at the Kilombo Tenondé.” Paper presented at the SDHS/CORD Annual Conference Cut & Paste Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity. Athens, Greece, June 2015.

  • “Corpos Brasileiros e suas Coreografias de Identificação.” Performative lecture presented at Conferência de Educadores de Dança, Salvador, Brazil, August 2014.

  • “Re-routing contemporary dancing in Brazil.” Performative lecture presented at FIRT Re-routing Performance Conference, Barcelona, Spain, July 2013.

  • “Risk-taking Bodies and Their Choreographies of Protest.” Performative lecture presented at Tanzkongress, Dusseldorf, Germany, June 2013.

  • “Revelry-Revolt: Choreographies of protest and the appropriation of the public (festive) space.” Paper presented at Performing Tangier 2013: Performance and the Public Sphere Conference, Tangier, Morocco, May 2013.

  • “Ginga, Sport Spectacles, and the Democracy of Races ideology.” Lecture presented at the International Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures.” Berlin, Germany, September 2012.

  •  “A Estética da Ginga e suas Coreografias de Identificação Nacional.” Paper presented at Conferência Anual da Associação Nacional de Arte Educadores, São Luis, Brazil, November 2011.

  • “Dançando, Lutando e Jogando: A Presença da Ginga na Capoeira Angola.” Paper presented at the Conference Capoeira: Discursos, Espaços e Corporalidades. Universidade de Brasília, Brazil. October 2011.

  • “Coreografando Identificação: A Presença da Ginga na Cultura Brasileira.” Lecture presented at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília, Brazil, December 2010.

  •  “A Dança da Identificação: Coreografias Locais, Palcos Globais.” Paper presented at the Conferência Nacional de Arte-Educadores do Brasil. Goiania, Brazil, November 2010.

  • “Coreografando Identificação: 35 Anos de Ginga no Grupo Corpo.” Guest lecture presented at Instituto de Artes Cenicas, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil, November 2010.

  • “Jogo Bonito: Intersectional Choreographies across Soccer Dancing Fields.” Paper presented at Dance History Scholars Conference, Surrey, UK, July 2010.

  • “Samba, Capoeira, Grupo Corpo, e Futebol-Arte.” Guest lecture at Centro de Estudos em Dança, Pontífica Universidade Catolica (PUC), São Paulo, Brazil, August 2009.

  • “Who is afraid of Madame Satã: Simulating Brazilian Authenticity through Queerness and Roguery in the XXI Century.” Paper presented at The Second Queer Studies Easter Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico, April 2008.

  • “Capoeira: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity.” Paper presented at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics 6th Encuentro. Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2007.

  • “Machos and Rascals: Performances of Masculinity in the Afro-Brazilian Practice of Capoeira." Paper presented at Encounter and Experience: Cultures in Process. University of Bielefeld, Germany, March 2007.

  • “Performing Masculinity in Brazil: Capoeira Regional.” Paper presented in Race, Religion and Democracy: Latin America in a Globalized World - Thirteenth Joseph Vélez Latin American Studies Conference, Baylor University, Canada, February 2007.

Fake baiana at Cachoeira's Festa de Boa Morte, Bahia (Brazil)

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