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University Courses

*indicates hybrid courses

Gay Parade, Brasilia, DF, 2008

Current courses at Tufts University (2015-present):

  • Modern I and II (dance studio)

  • Dance momevent & Creative Processes (dance Studio)

  • Afro-Brazilian Dances (dance studio)

  • Social Dance & Culture (dance studio)

  • Dance, Gender, and Sexualities (under review, hist. & theory of dance)

    Dance, Race, and Ethnicities (under review, hist. & theory of dance)

Courses I designed and taught (2014-15):



  • Queer Dances (hist. & theory seminar)*

  • Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Dance (dance studio)

  • Introduction to Dance: History and Culture (Hist. & theory of dance)*


UC, RIVERSIDE (2013-14)

  • Choreographies of Writing (grad. hist. & theory seminar)

  • Afro-Brazilian Aesthetic (grad. hist. & theory seminar)

  • Introduction to Dance Studies (hist. & theory seminar)

  • Dance, Gender, and Sexualities (hist. & theory seminar)

  • Dance, Race, and Property (hist. & theory seminar)*



  • Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Dance (dance studio)

  • Modern Dance (dance studio)

  • Histories of Latin American Dance (under/grad. hist. & theory seminar)

  • Contemporary Technique (dance studio)

  • Choreographing Latinidad (under/grad. hist. & theory seminar)*

  • Embodying and Articulating Ginga (under/grad. hist. & theory seminar)*



  • Choreographing Ideas and Deciphering Them (grad. hist. & theory workshop)*

  • Interweaving approaches: dance meets visual arts (grad. hist. & theory seminar)*



  • Modern Dance History (hist. & theory seminar)

  • Dance and World Cultures (hist. & theory seminar)



  • Embodying Ginga  (grad. hist. & theory seminar)*



  • Embodying Ginga: The Africanist Aesthetic within Brazilian Performative Practices (UCLA’s Collegium of University Teaching Fellows program).



Capoeira  angola circle, Salvador, BA, 2007

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