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Online Events & Recordings

Selected videos of remote events, artistic projects and other recorded activities, recently published on-line..

Vem jogar mais eu: pequeno panorama de fabulações anticoloniais nos múltiplos territórios da dança
O que move seu pensamento?
Gingas and It’s Choreographies
of Identification

Lecture "Come play with me: Brief panoram of anticolonial fabulations in the multiple territories of dance", at the XII Postgraduate Seminar in Dance Studies at Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador (UFBA- Salvador), December 2021.

Lecture "What moves your thoughts" at

(IM)PULSO Seminar at Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador (UFBA- Salvador), August 2021


Seminar Gingas e Capoeira at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. ’s seminar of Bodily Practices


Playing Capoeira Angola 
Seattle October 2014
Núcleo Alaya Dança, [restrospective]
directed by Lenora Lobo

In my formation years, I was a dance company member of Núcleo Alaya Dança., in Brasília, Brazil.

Video above discusses the "Theatre of Movement", an embodied practice developed by Lenora Lobo, in collaboration with members of that company.

TEDxTufts Talk
“What do our movements say
about who we are?”  (2016)

Do our movements define us? Cristina Rosa explores the answer to this question by talking about and demonstrating the Afro-Brazilian aesthetic -- a different way of moving across and thinking about the world.


Similar to contact improvisation, capoeira angola is a process-oriented practice, whose central actions are shaped up non-verbal dialogues of participatory improvisation or call-and-response playful interactions. Unlike contact-improvisation, capoeira players avoid direct physical contact between players. instead, players are linked by sight and rhythm.

In this excerpt above, recorded at the International Foundation of Capoeira Angola in Seattle, Rosa plays with Leika, theater at that location.


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