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Capoeira angola

Capoeira Angola:
Understanding an Afro-Brazilian Art Form

The book Capoeira Angola: Understanding an Afro-Brazilian Art Form will be published by Bloomsbury press (2023). Briefly, it offers a critical introduction of this Afro-Brazilian art form to performing arts students with little to no experience with the practice and/or its history and culture. Written in accessible language and supported by audio-visual resources, housed in a companion website and accessible via QR codes, this edited volume combines the primary author’s scholarship with contributing chapters by capoeira scholars and master-teachers (mestres) on specific topics. The introduction situates capoeira in the twenty-first century as a transnational art form rooted in African diasporic heritage. Part I of the book introduces capoeira’s foundational elements, namely the Afro-centric aesthetic principles informing its musical traditions, songs, movements and game interactions, as well as the philosophical knowledges transmitted through teaching and performed in capoeira’s ritualised cypher (roda de capoeira), where all of its elements come alive. Part II historicises the development of capoeira in Brazil since colonial times, contextualizing its push-and-pull against structural racism and other forms of oppression, and leading to the rise of modern lineages such as Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional. Part III tackles contemporary issues emergent in capoeira, namely a) the incorporation of capoeira in the formation of performing arts students and the creation of staged performances; b) Black feminist initiatives that body forth intersectional approaches to capoeira as a practice of resistance against all forms of oppression and c) environmentalist initiatives that combine the practice of capoeira and its Afro-centric philosophy with sustainability practices such as permaculture, reforestation and bioconstruction. 


Table of Content 

Introduction: Come Play with Me 


Part I: Ubuntu: The Capoeira World and its Community

Chapter 1:  What is Capoeira? The Ethics and Aesthetics of an Afro-Brazilian Art Form 


Chapter 2: How Do You Become a Capoeira Player? Lessons and knowledges of an Afro-Brazilian Art Form 


Chapter 3: The Metaphysics of Capoeira: excerpts from Mestre Pastinha’s manuscripts circa 1950s-60s

Part II: Sankofa: The Afro-Brazilian Roots and Routes of Capoeira


Chapter 4: Playing with the History of Capoeira 


Chapter 5: From Vadiação to the Consolidation of Capoeira Angola (1980s-1990s): Rebuilding the Bridges Between Brazil and Africa


Part III: A Grande Roda: Playing Capoeira in the Wider Circle of Life


Chapter 6: The Meaning of Gingar for Women within Capoeira Angola


Chapter 7: Capoeira and The Performing Arts: Playing Capoeira on Stage 


Chapter 8: Capoeira, Permaculture and African philosophy: An Interview with Mestre Cobra Mansa 



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