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Visual art explorations

Selected visual art projects that have shaped up my academic inquiries around movement, moving bodies, and their set and improvised endeavours.

Capoeira Angola

photographic project taken in Salvador during the official recognition of capoeira as an immaterial patrimony of Brazilian culture in 2008.


Phtographs from an on-going series, started in 2005


Selected etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, and collagraphs (1997 - 2000)

Angola Vs Regional

Two long-time friends playing capoeira in Europe.

Bordeaux, France, 2013


Series of projects around the concepts of female physicality and femininity, 2002

Figure painting & drawings

Assorted mix-media works on paper, canvas, or woodboard (1997-2000)

Orixá series

Mix-media series on paper, 2005

MA exhibition

Art installation, part of my culminating MA exhibition, UW-Madison, 2003

[art book connected to the project]

Graphic Design Works

few examples of graphic art materials developed for the Honolulu-based resort wear company Tori Richard

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