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Performing Brazil: coming soon!!!!

Publishing date January 2015

Performing Brazil Essays on Culture, Identity, and the Performing Arts Edited by Severino J. Albuquerque and Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez

From carnival and capoeira to gender acts and political protest

A field-shaping anthology by top cultural critics and practitioners representing a wide range of disciplines and art forms, Performing Brazil is the first book to bring together studies of the many and varied manifestations of Brazilian performance in and beyond their country of origin. Arguing that diverse forms of performance are best understood when presented in tandem, it offers new takes on better-known forms, such as carnival and capoeira, as well as those studied less often, including gender acts, curatorial practice, political protest, and the performance of Brazil in the United States. The contributors to the volume are Maria José Somerlate Barbosa, Eric A. Galm, Annie McNeill Gibson, Ana Paula Höfling, Benjamin Legg, Bryan McCann, Simone Osthoff, Fernando de Sousa Rocha, Cristina F. Rosa, Alessandra Santos, and Lidia Santos.

Severino J. Albuquerque is a professor of Portuguese and Brazilian studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His books includeViolent Acts: A Study of Contemporary Latin American Theatre andTentative Transgressions: Homosexuality, AIDS, and the Theater in Brazil.

Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez is a professor of Portuguese and gender and women’s studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Albuquerque and Bishop-Sanchez are coeditors of the Luso-Brazilian Review.

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